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Investor Alert: Private Placement and “Alternative Investment” Fraud Abounds

As conservative and retired investors continue to seek safe income producing investments in this low interest rate environment, various Wealth Management and Financial Planning firms have ramped up marketing and sales of complex, commission rich and risky “Alternative Investments“. Securities … Continue reading

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Tenant In Common (“TIC”)/1031 Exchange and Real Estate Private Placement Losses

As reported by The current economic recession has revealed a new wave of fraudulent and unlawful real estate investments and transactions that were designed to mislead investors and line the pockets of investment promoters.  Miller & Molive has independently … Continue reading

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I am pleased to announce that my law firm has partnered with the Sacramento Speakers Series.    The Sacramento Speakers Series, now in its 8th year, is designed to bring intellectual thought and dialogue to our local community. Sacramento Speakers Series … Continue reading

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FINRA Alert: High Yield Investment Programs

As reported on HYIPs—High Yield Investment Programs Are Hazardous to Your Investment Portfolio High-yield investment programs (HYIPs) are unregistered investments created and touted by unlicensed individuals. Typically offered through slick (and sometimes not-so-slick) websites, HYIPs dangle the contradictory promises … Continue reading

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