Estate Planning & Trust Administration

Risks of Doing Nothing: The risks of having no estate planning are simply too great. You can be prudent and plan for the future, or you can ignore the reality that someday the people whom you leave behind are going to have a headache dealing with your property.

Trust or Probate? By the use of a careful estate plan, you can eliminate the time, cost, and public disclosure of the probate process. Your estate can pass to those people or entities that you want it to go to with a minimum of expense and in rapid manner. By using proper estate planning you can save approximately 6% of the gross value of your estate and 18 months or more of time, versus having your estate pass through the probate court system.

Your Plan: But you must plan it to happen the way you want – it won’t come about by accident. We at the Law Offices of Mitchell Ostwald can help you take care of your family‚Äôs future today.

Probate and Trust Litigation: Sometimes, despite the best planning, disputes arise. We are experienced in all phases of probate and trust litigation and alternative dispute resolution and are committed to finding the best resolution to probate and trust disputes.