The most common roadway resurfacing methods in H.O.A. developments are asphalt or concrete systems. Both types of systems will develop defects if designed or installed incorrectly.

Common Types:

  • AC Paving (Asphaltic Concrete Paving): Typically black or dark brown in color.
  • PCC (Portland Cement Paving): Similar to sidewalks and driveways but made of higher strength materials and installed in thicker sections.
  • Stamped Concrete: Usually decorative, sometimes different color.

Common Problems:

  • Improper design: Asphalt/concrete mixture not per specifications.
  • Installation deficiencies: Varying in thickness.
  • Asphalt overheated before installation.
  • Asphalt too cold before installation.
  • Concrete too dry/wet before installation.
  • Lack of steel reinforcement.

Possible Damage:

  • Cracks, alligatoring, and cheecks leading to water intrusion to subgrade.
  • Subsidence.
  • Vertical displacement.
  • Washboard surface.
  • System failure