Noise Intrusion

Industry standards have been set to prevent noise intrusion. Many times developers advertise the use of sound proofing materials that surpass the normal industry standards. However, when corners are cut and the materials are not used or are improperly installed, the homeowner suffers and their privacy compromised.

Commonly Heard Noises:

  • Footsteps: can be heard from above, or causes floor to shake or vibrate.
  • Television, Radio, or Voices: audible from above.
  • Tub and Toilet: draining that can be heard from above inside the wall
  • Toilet: use can be heard.
  • Voices: heard in the bathroom from above or below.
  • Valve and Service Water Noise: faucets are heard when turned on or off, water hammer or humming noises, or pipes shaking.
  • Doors and Windows Must be Kept Closed: traffic can be heard.
  • Use of Washer & Dryer: audible from within the unit.
  • Vibration: audible from roof mounted A/C units.

Reasons for Noise Intrusion:

  • Improper design.
  • Plumbing line in direct contact with interior wall framing.
  • Tubs and showers resting directly on sub flooring.
  • Improperly mounted A/C units.
  • Improperly attached sub flooring to ceiling rafters.
  • Improper glazing of exterior sliding glass doors and windows along with this new material there are some changes and additions to windows and roofs.