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Identity Theft Protection: 12 Tips for Consumers

Published on August 26, 2010

As reported on, by Stella M. Chavez, August 26,2010. Identity thieves always look for ways to steal your personal information.  It seems like hardly a week goes by without hearing about a major data theft or of people who’ve become victims of this type of crime. So, how do you protect  ... More »

What are America’s Investing Legends Buying?

Published on August 20, 2010

As reported on, by Blake Ellis, August 17, 2010. Whether it has been investing in gun manufacturers and energy companies or ditching food suppliers, America’s best known investors were busy in the second quarter. Here’s what a few of them were up to, according to recent filings with  ... More »

Securities Regulators Publish Updated Best Practices for Firms Serving Seniors

Published on August 19, 2010

As reported on, August 13, 2010. The Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) today updated a joint report that outlines practices being used by financial services firms to strengthen their  ... More »

Probate & Trusts – Statute of Limitations

Published on August 18, 2010

Action by estate administrator against recipients of deceased’s real property is not barred by statute of limitations. A California Court of Appeal affirmed the lower court’s decision in the case of STEVEN A. WEINKAUF v. TIMOTHY FLOREZ.  The probate court’s decision was that two donative transfers  ... More »

SEC Sues New Jersey for Fraud

Published on August 18, 2010

As reported on, by Ben Rooney, August 18, 2010. The State of New Jersey agreed to settle fraud charges brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday after it became the first U.S. state ever to be accused of violating federal securities laws. The SEC alleged that New Jersey  ... More »

Sacramento Deputies Adopt Pension Plan Changes

Published on August 17, 2010

As reported on, by R. Lewis, on August 10, 2010. The Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has approved a deal that would alter the pension system for new hires and require current deputies to pay more into the pension system annually. The deal is part of a package the Board of  ... More »

Vulture Investors: They’re Back & Making a Bundle

Published on August 16, 2010

As reported on, by Les Christie, August 5, 2010. These are the glory days of the residential real estate investor. Low prices, rock-bottom interest rates and stable rental markets have created huge buying opportunities. “It’s awesome right now. I don’t think we’ll ever see another  ... More »

Skype Plans $100 Million Initial Offering

Published on August 16, 2010

As reported on, by David Goldman, August 9, 2010. Skype, the Internet video phone service, is planning a $100 million initial public offering, according to a regulatory filing Monday. The company said it would offer American depositary shares, and the company’s headquarters would remain  ... More »

The Return of the IPO

Published on August 13, 2010

As reported on, by Tim Gray, August 2, 2010. The stock debut of Tesla Motors in late June sparked memories of the initial-public-offering mania of a decade ago. As the share sale for the electric-car maker (which is at least two years from profitability) approached, excitement mounted, and  ... More »